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Styling Professionals

"I've been using Pollyseon products for quite a while now. I take them to Fashion Week and other major events. I love how my bags look so professional and are organized. Every stylist should own these products."

Antoinette Beenders
Global Creative Director for Aveda and Celebrity Stylist

"This is the first time I've seen bags designed with the professional in mind. As soon as I started packing my session bag, I realized how great this solution is. I packed much more efficiently. I spend money on my tools. I want to protect my investment so my tools last longer. Pollyseon allows me to do that."

Allen Ruiz
North America Style Director for Aveda,
Award Winning Stylist and Owner of Jackson Ruiz Salon

"Pollyseon cases are essential to my styling kit. I love how the cases protect and organize my tools. These are great for women to use on the go or at home … no more scorched counter surfaces or towels. And, you don't have to wait for the iron to cool down to put it away. Every modern woman should own a set."

Nathaniel Hawkins
Celebrity Hairstylist, New York City

"I replaced my old cases recently. It was difficult to find something that I liked. Pollyseon cases work well for me, check them out!"

Tristin Morrison
Stylist, Educator and Creative Director for Aveda

"The coolest cases for your hair tools like… ever!"

Russell Mayes
Stylist and Founder hairmaven.com

"Pollyseon has the best hairdresser gear on the market! Sturdy construction and sleek, stylish designs. Very stylist savvy. I would recommend these products to everyone in the salon industry. The bags are not only great for traveling, but for every day stowing. While investing so much in my tools, I also invest in Pollyseon cases to keep them in impeccable condition."

Abby L. Lewandowski
Salon Industry Night Founder

"I used the cases recently for a bride and her bridal photos. They all worked so beautifully … everything stayed so organized … I wish I had these years ago! I will really use them!"

Sherry Fagan
Stylist, The Cutting Room


Corporate Professionals

"I absolutely love my Pollyseon case! It is as attractive and stylish as it is useful and reasonably priced. Keeping my hair dryer in it not only makes packing easier and quicker, but also makes my cabinet look neater and more organized."

Senator Judith Zaffirini Ph.D.

"Two words: essential, amazing. As an international executive, with two small children, I am constantly juggling and doing my best to be prepared to fly across the globe. My passport, briefcase and Pollyseon bag are the three essentials for every trip. There is no other bag that has protected and prevented spills and leaks of shampoo, conditioner, perfumes and even half splits of wine and champagne! It is durable, light weight and performs brilliantly."

Victoria Lynden
CEO Alliance Abroad Group

"As an attorney who travels frequently for work, I love how versatile and stylish my Pollyseon set is! I can pack everything I need for a three-day trip in the deceptively roomy carry-on bag and have all my makeup and toiletries organized in one place, instead of in the multiple mismatched freebie make-up bags I was using before. Plus, it fits with no problem in the overhead bin. The shoulder strap is wide and comfy (a huge improvement over my last carry-on!) and the exterior pockets work great for my Kindle and other items I want to be readily available. With my Pollyseon set I look and feel polished and put-together, even when I am running to make a tight connection! I would recommend the set to anyone who travels a lot and wants to stay organized."

Kris Kennedy
Assistant Attorney General of Texas, Civil Medicaid Fraud Division

"I use Pollyseon's beautiful cases for my high frequency travel. The cases are sleek, soundly built, and perform as promised when overloaded with all my rapidly packed supplies. I heartily recommend Pollyseon!"

Dr. Richard Garriott de Cayeux
Video Game Developer and Entrepreneur

"After just returning from a trip, I have to share this amazing company. Until now, I have been so frustrated when packing all my makeup, hair care products, and extra sundries. These carrying cases are perfect for organizing everything – there is a place for every item – whether carting stuff to the gym, on business trips, and on vacation! All my clients need a set!"

Shaula Scardami
Certified Personal Trainer, NASM CPT/CES/PES
Owner, LiveWise Personal Training