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Featured Reviews

    “This is the first time I’ve seen bags designed with the professional in mind. As soon as I started packing my session bag, I realized how great this solution is. I packed much more efficiently. I spend money on my tools. I want to protect my investment so my tools last longer. Pollyseon allows me to do that.”
    Allen Ruiz North America Style Director for Aveda, Award Winning Stylist and Owner of Jackson Ruiz Salon
    “I replaced my old cases recently. It was difficult to find something that I liked. Pollyseon cases work well for me, check them out!”
    Tristin Morrison Stylist, Educator and Creative Director for Aveda
    “I absolutely love my Pollyseon case! It is as attractive and stylish as it is useful and reasonably priced. Keeping my hair dryer in it not only makes packing easier and quicker, but also makes my cabinet look neater and more organized.”
    Senator Judith Zaffirini Ph.D.