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Stow & Go Classic
Iron Maiden "No Wait" Stow

  • The PollyseonTM Iron Maiden “No Wait” Stow is a patented, innovative case to protect your flat & curling irons. This case has the beauty & travel worlds talking. It not only protects your hot tools from the environment, but also protects your environment from the tools. Say goodbye to: scorched countertops & towels; kinked & damaged cords; waiting to stow after use; potentially endangering children & pets when leaving iron unattended to cool. Our highly lauded Stow is in a class of its own and is a must for every woman.

    • HEAT RESISTANT PERFORMANCE INTERIOR to 930°F (2X that of the hottest iron and higher performing than all product look-alikes) for instant "no wait" storage of a hot flat or curling iron.
    • ZIPPERED EXTERIOR PROTECTS POWER CORD & allows easy-wrap and no-kink storage of the cord, extending the life of the curling or flat iron.
    • RETRACTABLE HEAT-RESISTANT MAT for protecting surfaces from heat damage; mat can also fold over curling or flat iron to protect children and pets from burns when in use.
    • STYLISH LIGHTWEIGHT PERFORMANCE MATERIALS: 390-denier nylon for durability, glass-fiber coated interior for heat resistance, stitched "leather" strap exterior featuring the metal-embossed POLLYSEON trademark for style.
    • AWARD WINNING flat & curling iron case. Lauded by top stylists and beauty enthusiasts & featured in USA Today Travel, Family Magazine's Family Choice Holiday Gift Guide, among others.
  • Dimensions
    3.25"H x 14"L x 2.5"D

    0.45 lbs

    US Patent No
    8,324,534 B2.

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