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Stow & Go Eco

  • Ideal for both business & pleasure, The PollyseonTM Stow & Go Classic Collection was fashioned for you, a smart, sophisticated & savvy consumer who is “going places” in life & requires products/accessories that can keep up & help you look good on the journey.

    Intuitive & solution oriented in function & design, these four, classic, “must-have,” pieces work individually & together to accommodate any & every possible travel need or scenario that may come your way. The collection includes the PollyseonTM:

    • Iron Maiden "No Wait" Stow
    • "All Access" Traveler
    • "Dry and Fly" Hang Clutch
    • "Going Places" Travel Companion
    • Insights from leading stylists and engineers produced patent-protected, category innovation
    • Quality materials & performance testing to more stringent international engineering standards ensure performance excellence & lasting durability
    • World-renowned stylists & influencers, at the forefront of beauty & fashion, inspired an aspirational, relevant & timeless design aesthetic
  • Dimensions
    15"H x 21.5"L x 5"D

    4.3 lbs

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