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POLLYSEON® is an aspirational lifestyle brand recognized around the world for superior performance, function, quality & design achieved through uniting the once divisive principles of engineering, beauty & sustainability.  Our mission at POLLYSEON® is to simplify & better the lives of our customers through efficiency, peace of-mind & confidence that go hand-in-hand with owning and using our brand's products.

Pollyseon® takes the best of both worlds (smart & sexy) approach to design & manufacturing to ensure innovation, quality & design in its lifestyle products & accessories. Superior in function, performance & durability, the entire Pollyseon® line is classically designed for a sophisticated style that transcends time.  Ideal for both business & pleasure, the Pollyseon® collections and classic, “must-have” pieces were fashioned for a smart, sophisticated & savvy consumer who is “going places” in life & requires products/accessories that can keep up & most importantly, help him/her look good along the way.

Pollyseon® offers two collections, Essentials and Professional, tailored to the consumer and style industry professional, respectively. Each collection is available in two material choices: Classic, featuring 390-denier nylon, and Eco-Chic, featuring an eco-friendly fabric made from recycled plastic. All materials are of the highest quality and made-to-order, producing a design aesthetic that is aspirational, relevant & timeless. Additionally, all products are performance tested to international engineering standards to ensure performance excellence and lasting durability.

Pollyseon products are available at established retail stores, e-retailers, and at pollyseon.com. Travellers and totes are sold individually and as a set. For more information, contact 877.POLLYSEON (877.765.5973) or sales@pollyseon.com.